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Google Analytics

Great insights. For free.

Information is power, but insights reign supreme—and Google Analytics bridges the vast gap between the two. In digital terms, analytics is the interpretation of vast gigabytes of user browsing patterns into solid insights that lead to a sale.

You have a great product or service and a stunning website that reiterates this. Your marketing strategy is solid and everything is in place to take your business to the next level. So why are your best-laid plans falling short?

That's where Google Analytics comes in. Google Analytics reiterates the greatest advantage of digital marketing: that the value of every dollar you invest online in your brand can be tracked to the very last penny. Google Analytics allows you to track and analyze the behavior of every user that happens upon your website with background stories of where they came from, and informed forecasts of where they're going from there.

The Resultrix team of Google Analytics certified professionals offers comprehensive Google Analytics implementation and services for your website and individual campaigns. And as you know, Google Analytics itself is free.

Google Analytics Services

Website & Business Audit
The Audit process consists of understanding business goals, deliverables towards creating / defining the Project Plan and research on the website from a technical/business perspective by:

  • Going over your current implementation (if any) and identifying configuration and data tracking gaps
  • Looking at your marketing and traffic channels to ensure proper segmentation practices are in place
  • Reviewing your analytics strategy and implementation planning

GA Implementation
Implementing the Google Analytics code on your individual web-pages involves:

  • Google analytics account creation
  • Website technical analysis
  • Site structure definition
  • Implementation/modification of the Google Analytics code
  • Adwords Analytics account linking

GA Configuration
Google Analytics allows for certain customizations and configurations that enhance reporting for your website. These include:

  • Creating custom profiles in Google Analytics account
  • Implementing filters to exclude misleading data
  • Customizing the Google Code (GATC) for advanced analytical data and reporting. This includes cross-domain implementation, integrating data with your CRM system and other custom installation options.
  • Campaign tracking variables for measurement of campaign effectiveness
  • Designing funnels to lead visitors from landing page to conversion goal
  • Customizing reports using filters
  • Report scheduling
  • External link tracking multi-level access generation
  • Internal site search tracking
  • E-commerce tracking
  • User-defined segmentation

Consulting & Business Analytics
Our consulting services include advanced set up of features such as goal setting and conversions tracking, e-commerce integration and content optimizer by:

  • Defining your website key performance indicators
  • Designing the best analytics solution to achieve your business objectives
  • Interpreting reports for informed decisions on business
  • Measuring & optimizing online marketing
  • Landing pages optimization for design & content
  • Visitor behavior and trends analysis
  • Competitive data analysis
  • Visitor profiling

Why Resultrix

Google Analytics Certified Taskforce
Every analytics account is handled and managed by a team of highly qualified Google Analytics certified professionals. With analytics experience extending from its inception as Urchin, all the way to the latest updates and versions released over the last four years, Resultrix has followed, studied and implemented Google Analytics for numerous clients who now form part of our success stories.

Quality of Service
Round-the-clock monitoring, detailed reporting at your convenience, dedicated servicing, obsessive optimization and stellar business insights and consulting are just some of the services you can expect with Resultrix.

Allied Support Services
Armed with analytics data, your Resultrix web analytics Manager will recommend changes and modifications to optimize your service offerings. A support team of technology, creative, SEO and SEM professionals then design customized solutions for your website following strict guidelines of cost, time and expected ROI.