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Omniture Analytics

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One size
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We’re big fans of Omniture, and thought we’d share with you our top five favorite features (in no particular order):

  • Each Omniture solution is tailor-made to suit your business needs.
  • Customizable dashboards and navigation summaries help you get the bigger picture.
  • Their trend forecasts are so accurate that they sometimes blur the lines between technology and ESP.
  • Their user-friendly reports make number crunching a pleasure rather than a chore.
  • And perhaps our favorite: page-browsing maps that follow the user's every step on your site, and not just entry and exit points.

The Resultrix team of Omniture qualified professionals offers comprehensive Omniture Site Catalyst services for your entire website and individual campaigns.

Why Resultrix

Expert Customization & Data Interpretation
Harnessing the full potential of Omniture requires months of study and experimentation. The Resultrix team of Omniture qualified professionals has mastered every nuance of customization possible to extract precise, refined data for optimized analysis. Some of these customizations include creating and modifying dashboards and bookmarking them for instant access, mapping success events to the paths that generated them, and integration with Excel.

Automated Business Optimization
Once you define your business objectives and goals, our Analytics team can automate the reporting of critical business information, ensuring smooth updates and speedy turnarounds.

Quality of Service
Round-the-clock monitoring, detailed reporting at your convenience, dedicated servicing, obsessive optimization and stellar business insights and consulting are just some of the services you can expect with Resultrix.

Allied Support Services
Armed with analytics data, your Resultrix web analytics manager will recommend changes and modifications to optimize your service offerings. A support team of technology, creative, SEO and SEM professionals then design customized solutions for your website following strict guidelines of cost, time and expected ROI.