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Mobile SEO

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Why is it essential to have a Mobile Web site?

Billions of mobile phone users
1/4 of those use it to access the Web
1/2 Billion “fixed” internet users

The future of information exchange is about to go completely mobile.

What’s so different in a Mobile Website?

* Small screen & Limited input
* slow/costly network access
* much more personal
* instant, perennial connectivity

Mobile SEO best practices

  • Optimize for keywords and short phrases
  • Use Table-less Content
  • Make sure there are keywords in the title tag, Header tags (like H1…H6) and in the content itself
  • Use keyword rich anchor text for internal links
  • Use external style sheets and JavaScript
  • Use separate CSS files for mobile and on screen rendering.
  • Use %s for sizes instead of pixels as it will help ensure things scale down.
  • Hide items in the mobile CSS or re-arrange an item to ensure that content isn’t pushed too far down the mobile page
  • Submission of mobile sites to mobile search engines

Code in XHTML and Use CSS

  • Traditional browsers are forgiving but mobile browsers are not
  • Infinite handset/browser/view setting combinations are possible
  • Rigid accessibility standards make XHTML ideal
  • External CSS is ideal for mobile