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Transition from Yahoo! Search Marketing to Microsoft adCenter

Friday, August 6th, 2010

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On Feb 18, 2010, US & EU regulators approved the search alliance between Yahoo & Microsoft. This search alliance opens the door to new opportunities for advertisers. As per the Yahoo Search Marketing Blog; Yahoo & Microsoft are planning to complete the transition in US before the 2010 holiday season.

As we all are aware of the fact that, after the transition advertisers will have to use Microsoft adCenter to manage their online campaigns.

Here are few things which advertisers need to ensure for a smooth transition:

  • Ad Titles & Description: Yahoo currently allows 40 characters in ad title, whereas Microsoft adCenter allows only 25 characters. Also, Yahoo allows ad description to be of 71 characters, while Microsoft adCenter allows only 70 characters. It is advisable to shorten the ad title & ad description to meet the Microsoft adCenter guidelines for a smooth transition.
  • Keyword Changes: Microsoft adCenter treats singular/plural variation of keywords as individual keywords, whereas Yahoo does this job automatically. For a smooth transition, start expanding your keyword list to include all possible variations of the keywords (singular/plural & misspellings)
  • Bid Changes: The minimum bids for a keyword to stay active in Yahoo are $0.01, while in Microsoft adCenter the minimum bid is $0.05. Once the transition is complete all the minimum bids will increase to $0.05.

For a detailed list of FAQ’s, please visit the Yahoo! Transition Center.