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Measure the Customer Interaction on Your Adwords Ads

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Few months back, Adwords launched “Site links, Click to call & Product Extensions” features which allow creating more interactive ads. Sitelinks & Products ads help visitors find the relevant pages on your website. “Click-to-call” ads allow customers to call your business directly from the search results.

Recently, Adwords launched a new segment to measure the performance for these interactive ads. It measures how the customers interact with your ads – Clicks, Click through rates, Conversions & Conversion Rates.

This report is available on all levels – Campaigns, Ad groups, Keywords & Ads in the Segment Section.

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Now, you can measure the interactive ads performance on each level. This will help you evaluate your performance effectively.

Try this today & it might help you get higher returns from your campaigns.