Facebook Launches Mobile Feature ‘Find Friends Nearby’

Just when you think you know, and understand, everything about Facebook, it comes up with a new, fancy feature that leaves you pleasantly surprised! Consider the recent case, where Facebook launched a new location based feature for mobile phones; mobile users can now ‘Find Friends Nearby’.

Initially called the ‘Friendshake’; this feature was purely built to increase Facebook’s mobile-reach and help users make new friends unlike the traditional method of connecting on Facebook with existing friends.

Here’s how it works – users who are logged onto Facebook and on the “Friendshake URL”, and are on nearby locations can find each other on ‘Find Friends Nearby’ and connect. This new feature has made it easier to find people who you just met and want to be friends with. One doesn’t need to scroll through hundreds of profiles with the same name on Facebook Friend Search to connect. What’s more? If you are already friends with someone on Facebook, you’d still see them ‘nearby’ on your mobile device.

Brands with an active Facebook Timeline may benefit from this feature. If this feature is allowed for Brand Pages on Facebook, it’ll get easier for some brand pages to reach out to their fans nearby in order to increase their sales and services. If you’re out shopping and you browse through your phone and find all the brand stores showing ‘Nearby’. This will help a brand to reach out to their fans that are already connected.

Though it’s an interesting feature, some questions in regards to its usability and utility for marketers remains unanswered. After the most popular applications like Foursquare and Facebook Places, this feature has the ability to take the entire concept of marketing and advertising on Facebook to a new level altogether! But it might just take a while to reach everyone. We have seen brands growing on Foursquare and Instagram; Facebook surely have a potential to rock the mobile world too!

However, this feature hasn’t been formally released yet, and engineers at Facebook are working to make it better. Out of all the new features launched by Facebook for mobile, this one sure looks very promising, and after Google Latitude, this is sure to garner a lot of attention on World’s biggest Social Network. Facebook has been consistently working on more and more features to stay one of a kind; and Find Friends Nearby is one of the much awaited, especially by the tech savvy!

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