Is 60 the new 35?

Well I never, I actually thought I was going back in time via the hub tub time machine for a moment there. Wait, it is true! Google has recently announced a new feature for their headline and taking it back to the 2003 era. They just released a new feature with their ad text, where the title could be a long as 60 characters. Basically they are taking your description 1 and pushing it into your headline if you ad shows up on the right rail of the sponsored results. Here is what is would look like:

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In order for your headline 1 to show in the headline you must have a proper sentence with a period or full stop which will allow the description 1 to move to the headline. Google is touting that the longer headline creates an average increase of CTR by 5%. Some might wonder if this is Google’s way of increasing their revenue per search. Personally I think that they just wanted to bring back the good old days of Overture (gosh, I am really dating myself) and see if the longer headline does actually work. It will be interesting to see if Advertisers actually seeing positive results with this change.

For more information, visit Google Blog:

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