Kung Fu Panda Strikes Back!

There are many websites which are still trying to recover and getting back on track after the recent changes in Google’s Panda update. This change is to improve the overall SERPS listings and remove out sites that have low-quality pages and bump up websites that have high-quality and unique content.

Google is continuing to put the Kung Fu back in their algo and make it more accurate and refined. That’s right, another Panda update! At SMX Advanced Conference, Google’s spam cop Matt Cutts has confirmed that Google will be launching its new Panda update version 2.2 and Matt says “This new update will target a common webmaster complaint related to the original Panda/Farmer update: sites that scrap & re-publish content and are out-ranking the original source of the content”. Google also mentioned that tweaks in Panda algorithm will be an on-going process. There is a constant scanning of indexed pages going on by Google to find out sites having low-quality content/pages, hidden text, and various other Black-Hat-SEO techniques. If it spots such activities, then it may penalize the site.

There is no specific date given by Google for the launch of this new update worldwide. However, it is always recommended that websites should have fresh content and practice purely White-Hat-SEO techniques.

For more info go to: http://searchengineland.com/coming-soon-google-panda-update-2-2-80848?utm_source=sel&utm_medium=scap&utm_campaign=email

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