To Bing Or Not To Bing?

Since Google dominates the search engine market, Bing (AdCenter) & Yahoo are often over overlooked. Is it worth your time to try this platform? I think so. At 30% of market share, AdCenter is only addressing a small portion, but here are 5 reasons why you should be including AdCenter in you SEM campaigns:

1. Lower CPCs: Due to lower competition, current advertisers get better competitive placement at lower CPCs.

2. Better traffic: Bing/Yahoo users showing better engagement & conversions depending on the vertical of the campaign.

3. Google AdWords-compatible: AdCenter Desktop has a great import tool which brings your AdWords account, as is, right into AdCenter in just a few clicks.

4. Growing space: The platform is continuously making changes to make it easier & more effective to advertise on their platform.

5. Better customer support: Being a smaller space, AdCenter support team provides great support & follow-up to address any issues you face.

In conclusion, while Google AdWords may have the larger share of market, AdCenter can no longer be ignored. If you’re willing to take on the challenges of handling a growing platform, the cheaper and smaller landscape in AdCenter could pay off with better conversions at lower cost. This is the best time to leverage this space with your incremental budget.

Just remember that Bing is for doing!

Article written by Shylaja Vijay

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