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Congratulations—you’ve got customers! A great search strategy is bringing them in left and right, but is your website ready for company? Could it perhaps use a little, uh, sprucing up?

That’s where we come in.

Our talented (and did we mention award-winning?) creative team combines captivating design solutions with business know-how to make your site a place where customers like to spend time—and money. Whether a new website or a redesign of an existing website, we’ve got expertise in user experience design, interactive design, information architecture, copywriting, SilverLight, Flash, e-commerce and more.

Pair all this with an effective search marketing strategy and you’ll be looking for a faster server.

Design Work


Edifecs is the leader in healthcare technology that unifies and streamlines the flow of information. Resultrix was the partner who helped them revamp their online presence and brand awareness.

Microsoft Project
Microsoft Project

We helped improve the perception of Project in 8 countries and drove tens of thousands of trials of their 2007 product. We also revamped this clients website and helped them with the launch of their new product Project 2010.

PSE Re-Energize
PSE Re-Energize

Puget Sound Energy's Energy Efficiency Team looked to Resultrix to support their new creative marketing initiatives. Delivering multiple designs from one page marketing sites to immersive web experiences.