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Display Marketing

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What makes digital advertising successful? Simple. Develop online campaigns with clear strategies that leverage specific tactics to deliver results. That’s exactly how we view display advertising.

At Resultrix, we believe that display advertising is one of the best ways to build brand awareness, while also measuring results. Sure, different mediums perform differently, but understanding how all the pieces fit together is key. That’s where our team of experts comes in.At Resultrix, we take an integrated approach that leverages display advertising to increase brand presence, while optimizing for performance.

By utilizing a variety of tools, technologies, and partners, you can rest assured knowing that your onlinebanner campaigns are maximized for success. Whether it’s through an ad serving platform such as Atlas, backend analytic tools such as Google Analytics, an ad targeting and buying platform such as a DSP, or developing strong relationships with key partners using different targeting (behavioral, retargeting, contextual, etc.) and buying (CPA, CPC, CMP) methods, we strive to use every opportunity available that will deliver the results that matter with the methods that work.

Though display advertising is just one piece in the online advertising puzzle, at Resultrix we believe, if used correctly, it has the potential to turn prospects into repeat customers.

Clients Love Us

Visual Studio

"Resultrix is an unbeatable partner! Their innovative solutions integrated across search and display helped deliver results that exceeded targets. The team was fantastic and agile; they quickly aligned to our priorities and provided value-added consulting to create the highest possible ROI."

Lauren Delgado
BG Lead-IW
Product Marketing Manager,


"Resultrix was a great partner for the Microsoft Lync Mobility campaign. They developed innovative ideas across display advertising to exceed my campaign goals by 7x."

Skip Chilcott
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft