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Social Media Marketing

Tweet, friend, film and blog your way to greatness

Social media is big. (This is where you say, "How big is it?")

It’s so big that if Facebook were a country, its population would be the third largest in the world—after China and India. How many blogs are there? Try over 200 million. People send 175M million Tweets per day, and YouTube gets 2 billion views a day. And what about Google+?Pinterest?Instagram?LinkedIn?

That’s a lot of opportunity to get the word out on your brand, products and services; with more people spending their time on social sites than anywhere else, its easy to get lost or do it ineffectively.

Enter Resultrix.

We are experts at navigating through the minutia to put you in front of your audience at the best time & place.

Resultrix believes in the Four Cs of social media marketing: Connecting, conversing, collaborating and creating. We can:

  • Create holistic strategies across platforms
  • Identify new audiences & opportunities through our Social+ technology
  • Create engagement opportunities between your business & your audience
  • Provide Analytics that goes beyond the ‘Like’ and Retweet.
  • Online reputation management

And most importantly, we are social media fiends that always strive to generate the fifth C: Conversions.

Social Media Marketing Work

Microsoft Learning
Microsoft Learning

Resultrix has partnered with Microsoft Learning for social media marketing efforts, including online reputation management. The core goal focus is tracking online sentiments and helping to provide foundational insights to maximize social media engagement efforts.