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Market Landscape Analysis

Know your competition. Get ahead.

Never underestimate your competition. They’re as hungry as you are, and as interested in being the market leader and staying there. So what’s the best way to stay ahead?

To begin with, you should know everything about them – inside and out:

  • Their products and services
  • Their strengths, weaknesses and blunders
  • Their customers, and what their customers feel about them
  • Their upcoming moves and strategies
  • Their messaging and marketing strategy

Today’s customers are empowered to speak their mind in many different ways, thanks to the proliferation of Web 2.0. And speak they do. This can be a great advantage, though, because unlike the traditional paid media advertising models, the best competitive analysis today is done by going straight to the source—the customer. This is where you’ll get the grains of wisdom you need to come up with a stellar strategy to beat your competition.

Want a Partner in Crime?

And, going beyond our social media expertise, we also offer CompTrack—our competitive intelligence tool that provides data-driven insights into your competition’s online search strategy. After all, when it comes to outsmarting your competition, you can never have too many tools in your kit.